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  • These delicious chocolate chip cookies are rich in protein and will suit all your diets.

    40 min.
  • To make these little PB & Jelly cups, all you will need are 5 ingredients and you’ll be on the road to pure gastronomic heaven!

    30 min.
  • This fluffy Protein Rolls recipe is the perfect combination of savory and heathy. The secret ingredient making all the difference is QNT Protein Waffles.

    15 min.
  • You have started your diet but you get sweet craving? Try our low carbs protein cups.

    40 min.
  • QNT Waffles Protein isn’t only for making Waffles! To stay on track with your weight loss goals, you can also make delicious protein chips.

    15 min.
  • Who doesn’t love cookies? Right?

    50 min.
  • This Acai Bowl recipe is packed with healthy protein and fats!

    5 min.
  • This protein shake consists fully of healthy ingredients, such as banana, lemon and cinnamon.

    5 min.
  • Bake these QNT muffins up for a quick breakfast, fun snack, or lunch box treats!

    10 min.

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