Many training programs can be found on the net or in magazines, very often they are presented as the solution to any period of stagnation. But is that true?

When you start to train, you follow the advice of a coach but more often of a buddy or an athlete on the web. The beginning of training is often very beneficial because you come from nothing and you progress rather quickly even if the food does not follow and even forgetting some basic principles.

After the beginning phase passes, the stagnation arrives and there are two different attitudes that one can have: either you discourage and stop, or you make a self-analysis again. The second is the only one that will make you progress, of course. But what is this questioning? It is very simple: either the training is not good or the food is not adapted, or the rest is not enough.

So it's very easy to keep moving, just change something. As for food, just control the calories of protein and carbohydrates that you ingest every day by asking a specialist. For rest, it is also easy to know if you sleep is recuperative or sufficient.

On the other hand, for training, it is sometimes more complicated. Many do not change their training because they have heard that this or that program was the best and encouraged by the first results they do not want to change.

Another flaw that we can observed is the ability of some people not to get involved. When they follow a program in 12 repetitions, they will never think of doing one more repetition even if they can. It is also a cause of stagnation. If you want to have gains, if you want your body to progress, you must make the added effort so your body feels the need to transform itself to keep up with the difficulty. I do not understand that you can get out of a workout and not feel exhausted. Unless we go there to just maintain the muscle mass, of course.

So what is a good program? In my opinion, a good program is a program that makes you progress. But beware! Muscle can progress in several ways. It has several qualities that one can develop: strength, volume, power flexibility, endurance and resistance. Each quality develops differently with a different program. So if you realize that you are stagnating in your program, feel free to work another quality of your muscle that will indirectly help you beat your best performance on the road to your main goal. Sometimes you have to step back to jump better. So if you want to follow a program because you believe in it and you think that you will progress, do not hesitate! Go for it! The more you believe, the more it will work. Do not stay too long with this program but it may boost your motivation and training.

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